spam spam spam spam spam

The midnight snack of the day is spam musubi. Marinate slices of spam in soy sauce and sugar, grill for five minutes... pat dry (you should see the oil). The only proper omusubi is the black brick on the left towards the back, under the two blank maki. So, we have one spam musubi, seven spam maki (tower of rolls), three spam nigiri, and two blank rolls for jacob who cannot eat pork. He's missing out on greasy, salty, and super processed canned meat... poor man.


full cup

Here's another reason why a cup of proper latte should be frothy. How else will it hold a portrait of Kiki? See more cups of latte here.

...And here's a little demonstration.

food family portrait

Well unfortunately, this stuff isn't edible, but they are damn cute, being the prodcuts of felt, fleece, stuffing, and three weeks of very amateurish needle work. They are holiday presents to friends, made according to their tastes, of course.

*From left to right: Juice Box, Mayo, Lime, Bun, Onigiri, and JalapeƱo. Missing in the picture are: dead frozen bummy pop, dumpling, and a rather hideous frosted doughnut, as I forgot to take pictures of them before I sent them off.


The onigiri I made for the Thanksgiving potlatch look pretty impressive... but as for how they taste...who can say (a tad too much vinegar in the rice perhaps). The small ones are plain rice balls, and the bigger ones have tuna mixed with bonito flakes and soup base as filling, and with a sprinkle of bonito flakes on top. Getting the nori and the bonito flakes was a hellish experience, as the Chinese and Vietnamese grocery stores were packed on the day before Thanksgiving. It was a real test on my non-existent agression to shove my way through the throngs of people in the aisles and the check-out lines, not to mention trying to squeeze pass the sidelong shopping carts.

Ah, and I made another onigiri as a x-mas present for Angelica, this time out of felt and stuffing.