My Japanese Appetizer of Choice

Tuna dumplings...

Spicy tuna mashed with tempura flakes wrapped into a dumpling with tuna sashimi. Topped with a dot of tobiko, scallions, and eel sauce. An appetizer created by the sushi chef at my mom's restaurant in Connecticut.

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The gang is named "TMmushroom", as pricey as the real precious porcini (or cepe in France).
you can find them at "Rose and Radish" in San Francisco.
"Como agua para chocolate"

The Mexican chocolate bread made by ddxy from true whole foods:water, chocolate, flour, eggs, butter, and sugar. It takes long hours of kneading, mixing, folding, sculpturing, and baking... but when they finally come out of the oven, hot and puffy, you'd forget all the troubles in the world...

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